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We have been developing mobile software solutions for a long time. Our background previously has been in providing mobile marketing solutions. Today we focus on mobile solutions that help field organizations become more organized and efficient. The knowledge we collect from our vast experience helps us understand how mobile technology can increase productivity and profitability, yet in affordable way.







A software company is nothing without its clients. Here are a few quotes from our clients.

"Znapio has met our needs brilliantly. The app provides everyone with real-time information on the status of campaigns, which enables easy reporting to clients”. Our core activity depends on the widest possible sample of campaign executions, so it’s important that we don’t have to think about the number of pictures, or sorting them. Everything happens automatically and key information is just a few clicks away, says Conaxess Trade’s Marketing Manager Mikaela Melander.

"We use More Mobile Znapio software to monitor our merchandising displays in the store level. Identifying and sharing best practices both between employees and field agents are easy. Znapio has proven to be not only achievable, valuable but also an affordable solution as well." Tiina Mehto-Vaittinen, In-Store Sales Manager, Lumene Oy.

"Managers and Sales teams can effortlessly monitor campaigns and merchandising. Identifying and sharing best practises is easy."  Ketil Jensens, Sales Operations Manager, Kraft Foods Norge

"Znapio is a great tool for checking off our tasks, so we all get things done and don't have to do manual bookkeeping. Reminding is also really easy. I would estimate that we have saved at least 660 working hours during the first year of operation in receiving job completion reports from the stores and their post-processing.", says Anna-Leena Ronkainen, Area Manager, HalpaHalli.


"Thanks to Znapio, we can ensure our permanent store presence or monitor the promotion campaign and the use of marketing materials in stores in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark." We can also document issues that require development or the activities of competitors in the stores. The image bank, which are updated in real time during store visits, help us identify and share good practices and develop our operations both internally and together with our customers”, says Royal Canin's Key Account Manager Sami Partanen

The best part of  NanoLearning based SafeDrive coaching is its user friendliness, as well as its one-year long duration. The coaching program can easily reach almost unlimited number of trainees.  Thanks to its long duration it is more likely to get permanent results, compared to an one-off course. Markus Nieminen, Road Safety Manager, Local Tapiola

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