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Nanolearning dashboard


is short engaging lessons delivered to participant inboxes. 


It is an ideal way to learn and retain new information.

Less Is More


Single lessons are short – making it easier to digest and preventing cognitive overload.

Learning is a process


Incremental learning, one step at a time, ensures high recall. A series of few minutes, engaging lessons over a time suit well, even with a hectic working environment.

Content creation


We help you define learning targets and plan content. Most likely you have all the needed content already available. We have the expertise on how it should be presented in the NanoLearning format. 



With our platform, we manage the duly delivery of NanoLearning lessons and optional reminders to the target group. Implementations can vary from a single knowledge test lesson to a year-long Ambassador program.



We can include some gaming elements to make learning more engaging.  Learners activity, knowledge or sales performance can generate points. Team work can be incentivised. A leaderboard enables learners to earn public recognition for their work.

​Activity reporting


You can monitor your learners' activity and know-how in realtime via a web-based dashboard. 

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