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See what your customers see! 

Photos are ideal to report on

Field reporting
Field work
Visual merchandising
Visual merchandising
Photo documenting
Issue reporting
Super simple, efficient reporting and documenting


A field worker or observer just takes a photo, tags it with relevant information and sends it to the back-end system.

Everything is organized


Photos are geo-tagged and categorized automatically on both user and date. In addition, the sender can tag photos based on the location, project and other relevant categories.

See what your customers see


Back office can see incoming photo reports in realtime. If something is spotted wrong or not according to brand compliance, they can comment on it right away. The field worker receives an immediate alert on his/her mobile. 

​Uniform reports


It is vital and important that everyone reports in  the same way e.g. displays, shelves, etc.. The back office managers can adjust or change the reporting template to meet their data collection need. An organised approach eliminates the unnecessary workload of editing and manipulation of the reported data afterwards. 



​Project progress view


Typically, there is a deadline to get a field project completed in target locations - for instance, merchandising display set ups in retail stores. The back office can now have a big picture of the completion rate. The statuses of each areas and shops are visually pinpointed by using traffic light colors and icons on the map. Thereby the manager can immediately spot the areas/shops/field employees needing management attention.

​Collaborative reporting


The photo reports can be shared between the entire field organization. Colleagues can see and comment on each other's achievements for better product visibility and team transparency, for instance.


​Flexible system


The photo reporting solution adapts as such and if necessary, it can be customized to meet needs across different industries like retail, facility management, construction and many more. The photo reporting solution can be integrated with external systems like CRM or ERP systems.

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