Not only the home of the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and some of the worlds finest cross country skiers, but also the place where you’ll find our office, please stop by our Oslo office for a chat!
Sisu, Nokia and the sauna are just a tip of the iceberg of finnish inventions. Because of the cold winters we tend to stay indoors and invent stuff. So stop by our Helsinki office and get something warm to drink!

How to find us

Feel free to contact us regardless if you want to learn more about mobile marketing or just have a chat. We are also playing hard ball in various digital channels.

Looking for the Swedes?
We're now a separate agency, visit us here:

Thunes vei 2
Postboks 623, 0274 Oslo
+47 90205259
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Erottajankatu 9 A 6
FIN-00130 Helsinki
Phone: +358 503818937
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