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Create custom checklists and audit forms to efficiently support your field operations



You can design checklists assigned to your team to ensure that tasks get done during the site visit. You can manage several user groups and manage their viewing rights. You can create and publish relevant mobile forms for each field worker group. This can be particularly practical if you are using both your own and also outsourced field reps.

Custom audits


You can design custom audit forms to perform inspections in the field. You can review audit reports online, share them with relevant stakeholders and export the results to Excel or business intelligence tools for further analysis.    

Location lists


You can manage and maintain an unlimited number of stores or other locations that are relevant to your field operations. The user's location is identified to help tagging of the report with the correct store id, for instance.

​Project progress view


You can set up a project view to follow up the progress of the field work - e.g. site visits. You can see the target locations pinpointed by traffic lights on the map. You spot immeaditely wherefrom the report is still missing.

​Photo evidence


Field workers can attach a photo(s) as objective evidence to the visit or audit report. Thereby you see what your reps and most importantly what your customers see.

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